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We are a team of Galician official guides, authentic local experts such as Borja Concheiro and we have prepared for you different tours with the best content and recommendations to enjoy Vigo and its bay at its best. Choose our free tour to get to know the history and evolution of the city, or the most amazing local legends and mysteries. If you are looking for something more personalized, choose a private tour and we’ll totally adapt to your needs.

Safety measures in our secure tours

In order to guarantee the safety and well-being of all those attending a free tour against coronavirus, at Free tour Vigo by Borja Concheiro we have begun to implement a new security protocol for all our guides and on all our routes.

FREE TOUR Vigo for treasure hunters

Our most popular free tour, ideal to know the most important things about history, culture and current affairs of the largest city in Galicia. Dive into Vigo with a local expert and discover its hidden treasures. The guided tour includes recommendations with the best plans and places to fully enjoy Galician cuisine.

FREE TOUR Mysteries and legends

Galicia is a magical place and Vigo with its legendary bay also hides myths and stories that will blow your imagination Let yourself walk through narrow streets and places full of mystery at nightfall while you hear amazing stories about meigas (witches), mythological beings and many other surprises…

FREE TOUR Vigo Street Art

A tour through the most authentic streets and corners of Vigo where we will stop to see selected pieces of the best street art made by local and international artist. We'll discuss tags and pieces getting to know its context and how to identify the different styles and techniques. We’ll see some site specific works, a famous signature by the pioneer of Spanish graffiti, and many other amazing examples of the local underground scene and urban art. A tour full of color!


A fully customized tour for you guided by a local expert. There will be no more people than you in the group and the guide will completelly adapt the route and its contents to you. You’ll enjoy the best of the old and new Vigo, sharing smart conversations and getting to know surprising local stories and fun cultural facts at tour rhythm.

We carry out historical and cultural routes to understand Vigo and its evolution. Get to know this unknown and unique city the right way while we share the best recommendations in town

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Next we show you our complete list of guided walking tours, private tours, authentic experiences to feel like a local and free tours based exclusively on tips. Choose the route that suits you best!

2 hours

FREE TOUR Vigo for treasure hunters

Our most popular freetour. Ideal to know the most important in history, culture and today the largest city in Galicia. Immerse yourself in it with a local expert and discover its hidden treasures

2 hours

FREETOUR Mysteries and Legends

A route specially designed to see streets and squares full of mystery of the old town, where sometimes strange beings appear...

2 hours


Get to know Vigo as you like and privately with a local expert exclusively for you and your partner, family or friends. You decide!

2 hours

FREE TOUR Vigo Street Art

The best of urban art and local culture in this free alternative Vigo tour full of color and visiting a tag of one of the graffiti pioneers in Spain.

Let yourself surprise by Vigo wiht us...


We love what we do and we believe that we live in a wonderful place so we want to take advantage of these tours and pages to help preserve and improve it. Want to join us?

"The tour was great and the guide very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this tour. Gain insight into Vigo history and see some of Vigo's stunning views and old town. Sincerely, Kathy"

See you at El Sireno!

El Sireno sculpture, Freetour Vigo meeting point

El Sireno (man-mermaid) sculpture
in Puerta del Sol square, in front of
Pikolinos shoe shop

Our guides wear sky blue

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