In order to guarantee the safety and well-being of all those attending a free tour against coronavirus, at FREETOUR VIGO we have begun to implement a new security protocol for all our guides and on all our routes

Although we already have, as required by the regulations for guided routes, a civil liability insurance that guarantees in most cases possible falls or accidents during the course of our visits, at FREETOUR VIGO we want to prepare ourselves for the new scenario that awaits us as tour guides out there when this quarantine period caused by the Covid-19 virus pandemic ends.

Waiting to know exaclty when the activity as specialized tourist guides in Galicia can be re-started, our desire to continue offering the best free tours in Vigo has motivated us to create a new security protocol to guarantee the health and well-being of all people who attend the routes. The safety of all attendees comes first.

First of all, all our guides will always carry an amplifying microphone capable of amplifying the voice by 10, so it will not be necessary for people to come closer more than one and a half meters as would be able to perfectly hear the guide words.

The safety of all attendees is our first objective

Secondly, we are thinking of not admitting more than 10 people per tour, always guaranteeing that they are reduced groups and that the mandatory safety distance of one and a half meters between the attendees and the guide is maintained. This measure also implies that the check-in to the tour is also carried out keeping the distances and without the need to show any paper or code on the mobile.

Finally, at the time of paying tips in the case of free tours or the rate set in the case of private tours, we want to continue applying social distancing measures favoring contactless payment through the implementation in our routes of a mobile virtual payment terminal for payments with contactless cards and biodegradable single-use bags for cash payments

We want to build trust and security, so that we can soon enjoy together again

The main objective is to help build confidence again and for people to return to the healthy pleasure of touring the streets of a city getting to know its history and culture from local experts. Although the current pandemic has already made us lose great events, at FREETOUR VIGO we hope to continue sharing the best routes and the most popular freetours in our city.

Please, whether you are a person interested in doing any of our guided tours of Vigo or if you are another company that offers free tours around the world, comment or send us your questions and suggestions to make a protocol of even more security measures for all. THANK YOU!

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