Get ready for your tour with this answers of the most frequent questions

New security measures for free tours to avoid coronavirus (Covid-19) spreading

In order to guarantee the safety and well-being of all those attending a free tour against coronavirus, at FREETOUR VIGO we have begun to implement a new security protocol for all our guides and on all our routes as shown in the image right below.

How to get there

The best way to get to our meeting point is on foot since it is the heart of the city of Vigo and it is a semi-pedestrian area with restricted access.

Where do we meet

The meeting point with our guides is under "El Sireno", a man-mermaid sculpture elevated 20 meters high in the main square of the city, Puerta del Sol square.

What to bring

It is very important to wear suitable and comfortable shoes. Also please take into consideration the weather conditions in order to wear clothes, umbrellas, sunscreen...

How does a free tour work?

A free tour is a type of guided, flexible and adaptable tourist route which is carried out on foot through the main points of interest of a city. In this type of tours the payment of a fixed rate is not required . Instead, at the end of the route each person gives the guide a tip depending on their possibilities and their degree of satisfaction. The name "free tour" comes from English language and means you are free to pay as much as you estimate. It doesn't mean that the tour is for free/gratis. Our freetour routes are based solely on tips so please keep that in mind when you pay one of our guides.

Frequently asked questions

We do our guided tours even in the rain. We are in Galicia and it is likely that it may rain during the tour. In case the weather makes it impossible to carry out the route, we will cancel the tour as soon as possible and we will notify you.

In rain or bad weather the most important thing is to bring adequate clothes and shoes. The guide will adapt the route and the stops, always seeking the well-being and protection of the group.

Our guides carry a RED UMBRELLA.

Yes, all our routes are adapted to be done both in a wheelchair and with a baby carriage.

Only in the case of the routes that go up to the fortresses, there is a small section not adapted for wheelchairs, which we usually avoid or reduce their time in these cases.

Yes, as long as the pet does not interfere during the tour or disturb the rest of the attendees.

If you have booked any of our routes, you can change or cancel your reservation at any time at no cost. We ask that you notify us as far in advance as possible to have the free places.

For changes or cancellations send us an email, WhatsApp message or call us at our contact phone.

At FREETOUR VIGO we do not share information with anyone. In order to make a reservation we only require a name and an email. This helps us to manage the places on the route and send a confirmation email.

However, and although it is optional, we recommend also leaving a phone number in order to be able to contact more quickly and effectively in the event of any incident prior to the route.

Our routes in free tour format can be canceled when a language does not reach at least 2 reservations or a minimum of 3 people in total.

In these supposed cases, the targeted people will be informed in advance and possible alternative dates.

We recommend arriving at the meeting point 10 minutes before the tour begins. In our reservation confirmation emails there is a direct link to Google maps with directions to the El Sireno sculpture from anywhere.

If you know that you are going to be late, please let us know so that our guides take this into account.

We remind our visitors to look for a sculpture 20 meters high in the shape of a man-fish, El Sireno, and not a dinosaur shaped hedge 🙂

Our routes have limited places to offer the best service and maintain the highest quality. For this reason we always recommend booking in advance to secure your place on the tour.

In the case of tours with a high number of people, our guides will carry microphones for correct hearing.

Our routes are designed for the whole family. Our guides are trained people, who live in the city you visit and who, in addition, have prepared themselves a lot to offer the tours with such passion that they will surely make it possible for nobody to get bored.

Despite the fear that the famous slopes of Vigo may impose, we have prepared carefully planned routes to avoid large climbs or descents, stop in the most sheltered areas and avoid crowds. And in addition enjoying beautiful views of the estuary!

Do you have any other doubt or question? Ask us!

See you at El Sireno!

El Sireno sculpture, Freetour Vigo meeting point

See us at El Sireno (man-mermaid)
statue in Puerta del Sol square.

Our guides have RED UMBRELLA