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Uncover with us the mysteries and legends of Vigo and Galicia in this free tour. You dare?

Galicia is a magical place and Vigo and its legendary hidden bay as it could not be otherwise a multitude of myths and stories that could blow your imagination . Record with this free tour of mysteries and legends around Vigo corners full of magic and let yourself be carried along the narrow streets as you learn difficult stories about friends, strange beings , hidden treasures and many other surprises...

Movie sets

A free tour specially designed to discover streets and squares of the old town full of mysteries and legends, where sometimes strange beings appear...

Enthusiastic and well prepared guide

Let yourself be guided by one of our local experts, whose love for Vigo and Galicia will make you shudder with the enigmas and legends of our land.

Historical documentation and microphone

Routes of excellent quality including photos and maps. Also, if the number of attendees is high, our guides will carry a microphone to expand their explanations.

The best recommendations

We want you to feel Vigo like a local and for this we will share with you our favorite places to enjoy the incredible Galician cuisine and the best tips and plans in the area.

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Tour Itinerary

A route around 1 hour 45 minutes through the historic center where we will reach a deep understanding of Celtic Galicia, one of the most pagan areas of the ancient world... We will talk about meigas, islands of the gods, sea monsters and about the Apostle Santiago and his arrival in these lands of the end of the world. In this free tour of mysteries and legends by Vigo we will also discover why Captain Nemo traveled here with his Nautilus, there are other secrets under these Atlantic waters?

El Sireno (man-mermaid) sculpture - Puerta del Sol Square

Our meeting point, the impressive sculpture of Francisco Leiro where we will begin the tour with a small introduction about the magical galician land and the legendary bay of Vigo.

Upper part of the old town

The upper part of the historic old town where we will talk about all the Celtic influence and mythological beings.

Traditional icon - The Olive Tree

We will tell you the legend of this tree with a really amazing past.

Lower part of the old town

You will know stories that won’t leave you indifferent while we walk through its most unique streets and squares.

Church Square

A place surrounded by symbols with amazing legends where we will end our route deciphering the most chilling mysteries of these pagan lands.

The meeting point of El Sireno is only 5 minutes walking from here.


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“Very interesting and curious, you always learn new things. We recommend including it in things to do in Vigo.”
Rocio Goebel
San Cristobal de La Laguna, Spain
“We found it very interesting and very recommendable. Stories worth listening to!”
Rafael Castillo Fuentes
Madrid, Spain

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