Free tour luces Navidad Vigo

Total success of our free tour of lights and shadows that is established as the best Christmas tour.

After a week has passed since the lights went off and with the consequent perspective that the passage of time allows us, we can say, without hesitation, that for the second consecutive year we have offered the top route of Christmas in Vigo.

And it is a unique historical route. A guided walking tour designed for those who love this city and delving into its rich history and those characters and events that have made it shine. History and local culture seasoned with a tour focused on enjoying Christmas decorations in the most spectacular streets and squares at the same time.

The Puerta del Sol in Vigo looked so spectacular at the beginning of the routes.

The regional reference press and local media highlighted the route as the best Christmas in Vigo

The repercussion in local and regional media was great, also highlighting the good reception of the route among the vigueses and viguesas as well as people who came to visit us and get to know the city from other Galician provinces and many regions of the peninsula.

The Voice of Galicia was clear, for the newspaper it was a guided tour “On the most” top “route in Vigo” and that is how his article was titled this past Christmas.

The reference cultural publication in Vigo, A Movida, considered the route as one of the best plans and “activities for o coco” during the past festivals, showing the free tour of lights and shadows, both in the printed magazine, prominently on its agenda. as in its digital edition.

Most of the people who could enjoy the tour were people from Vigo or surroundings.

Otro medio local de referencia como Metropolitano, hizo referencia también a nuestra ruta formato freetour por Vigo como el tour ideal que te descubrirá la ciudad en Navidad, y destacando además que son rutas con expertos locales a través del alumbrado navideño para conocer a los personajes que han hecho brillar a la urbe gallega, pero también las sombras de su rica historia.

En conclusión, y sumando todas las opiniones positivas recibidas podemos decir con total seguridad que ha sido un auténtico éxito de ruta lo cual nos llena de satisfacción por todas las horas dedicadas a investigar y seleccionar sus contenidos, y nos motiva a su vez para seguir creando nuevas rutas y seguir mejorando ésta de cara a las próximas Navidades en las que esperamos poder llegar y compartirla todavía con más gente.

Freetour de luces y sombras por Vigo, el mejor tour histórico de la ciudad en Navidad.

A route that we make with the aim of reaching the whole world and being able to share its original content with as many people as possible. That is why we normally do it in free tour format, with free payment at the end of the tour based on the level of satisfaction and enjoyment.

However, if you are a large group or a family that prefers to do it privately it is also possible. Our route through the lights and shadows of Vigo is also available as a private tour and in fact this past Christmas we had several groups with full buses especially from the province of Lugo and several family groups that hired this type of more personalized tour and with a guide in exclusive to enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience.

We wait for you from November 2020 when we will resume the top route of Christmas in Vigo to continue sharing moments of history and characters that perhaps made it shine as much as now without also forgetting those moments of darkness, buildings and places that today they are shadows of what they were … Are you going to miss it again?

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